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Columbia Hit By Uninsured Driver Lawyer

It is not uncommon for an injured traffic victim to lose all hope in recovering any significant compensation for their damages after learning that the at-fault driver was not insured. After all, compensation is only possible if the other party can pay. However, there are options that you can pursue, including seeking compensation from your own insurance company. The Columbia uninsured driver lawyers at Simmons Law Firm are experienced in handling uninsured and underinsured driver claims, and have secured large payouts for our clients in the past.

Uninsured Driver Statistics in South Carolina

South Carolina, unfortunately, has a very high percentage of uninsured drivers, just like many states throughout the country. According to the Insurance Information Institute, 10.9 percent of drivers are uninsured in South Carolina. The reason for a driver having no insurance usually has to do with:

  • The driver is a habitual drunk driver, resulting a high insurance deductible they cannot afford or are unwilling to pay for;
  • The driver has a poor driving record, resulting in a high deductible that the driver cannot afford or is unwilling to pay for;
  • The driver’s license is currently suspended; or
  • The driver has no driver’s license.

Pursing Your Uninsured Motorist Policy

Uninsured drivers inevitably make insurance more expensive for everyone else, according to Forbes, by forcing the hand of responsible drivers to purchase ever increasing amounts of uninsured motorist (UM) coverage. Fortunately, if you do have UM coverage, it can be used in exactly the situation you need it for now. If you were injured by a driver without auto insurance, and it has or can be established that they were at fault, you can file a lawsuit with your own insurance company. You need to work with an attorney during this process, because even though it is your insurance company, they will not hand over full compensation without months of negotiating, mediation, and potential litigation. In a UM claim, it may be easiest to think of your insurer as the bad guy, as they will do everything in their power to protect their own assets, even if it is at your expense.

What if I Do Not Have UM Coverage?

If you do not have a UM policy, or your UM policy is too small to cover your damages, it is possible to pursue compensation directly from the at fault-party, such as seeking assets from the uninsured driver or garnishing their wages. However, the fact that they do not have insurance usually means they have no significant assets in the first place. And, even if they own their own home, it is unlikely that a judge will agree to transfer that real property over to you unless they own multiple homes—the chances of which are slim considering they were uninsured.

Contact a Columbia Drunk Driving Personal Injury Attorney Today

All drivers are required, by law, to carry auto insurance. Unfortunately, not all drivers have respect for other road users, and make the decision to drive without having any insurance at all. This puts the well-being of others at risk, as it makes it all the more complicated to receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and property damage. However, an attorney can help. If you were injured by an uninsured driver, the Columbia UM policy attorneys at Simmons Law Firm are available today at 803-779-4600.

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