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Columbia Workplace Accidents Lawyer

Workers in construction, warehouses, factories and other industrial settings in South Carolina face numerous risks at work every day, whether due to a fall, getting struck by an object, getting caught in or between machinery or powered industrial trucks, electrocution, or a myriad of other dangers. Most workers in the state can get help from workers’ compensation. Workers’ comp benefits can pay for reasonable and necessary medical expenses and also cover two-thirds of an injured worker’s wages while they are disabled from working. In exchange for this insurance benefit, the worker is not allowed to sue a negligent co-worker or the employer, even if their negligence was responsible for the accident.

The Columbia workplace accident lawyers at Simmons Law Firm are here to help in the limited circumstances where a negligent third party was responsible for the accident that caused your injury. There are many different ways a third party can cause an injury on the job, and there is nothing in the law that prevents you from holding them accountable for their negligence and recovering significant compensation for your damages, including all your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and more.

If you’ve been hurt on the job and are ineligible for workers’ compensation or believe a third-party’s negligence was to blame for the accident, call Simmons Law Firm in Columbia for a free consultation to find out how we can help you get the medical care and financial compensation you need and deserve after being injured through no fault of your own.

Examples of Third-Party Liability in Columbia, South Carolina Workplaces

There are many different ways that a third party can cause an accident while you are on the job. A third party is an individual or company outside of the employment relationship between you (the first party) and your employer (the second party). Here are some of the most common examples of third-party liability for accidents and injuries at workplaces in Columbia and South Carolina.

  • You are driving the company truck or your own vehicle on company time to make deliveries, pick up supplies or travel between worksites, and you are struck by the negligent driver of a car, truck or bus who was speeding, texting and driving, drowsy, drunk or otherwise driving negligently.
  • A third party drives onto a construction site to drop off materials and strikes a worker with the vehicle or negligently unloads or stores the materials in a way that causes an accident.
  • A third party hired to erect a scaffold or conduct crane operations does so in a negligent manner.
  • A third party provides defective materials, such as broken or defective ladders or malfunctioning power tools.
  • A worker is injured by a defective product that was defectively designed or defectively manufactured or was sold with inadequate instructions or safety warnings.
  • A subcontractor is injured by the negligence of a worker hired by another subcontractor or the general contractor.
  • The property owner at the workplace has allowed a dangerous condition to exist on the premises without warning the workers, leading to a slip and fall, trip and fall, or other accidental injury.
  • A third party comes onto the property and commits an act of violence, such as an assault or workplace shooting by a former employee or person in a relationship with an employee.

Simmons Law Firm Attorneys Are Here to Help After a Workplace Accident in Columbia or South Carolina

At Simmons Law Firm, we offer a free consultation to get to know about the situation which led to your injury. You might or might not have a third-party liability claim after a workplace accident, but it won’t cost you anything to come talk to us and let us evaluate whether you might have a claim. If we take your case, we will strive to get the most compensation available through a negotiated settlement or jury verdict so you have the resources you needed to recover to the maximum extent possible and deal with the challenges and harm another’s negligence has caused you.

For help with a workplace accident negligence claim, call Simmons Law Firm in Columbia at 803-779-4600, or toll-free throughout South Carolina at 888-715-8818. You can also contact us online. Your initial consultation is free, and we only charge a fee if we are successful in recovering compensation for you.

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