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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyers > Blog > Sexual Abuse And Trauma > Lawmakers Targeting AI-Generated Sexual Abuse Materials

Lawmakers Targeting AI-Generated Sexual Abuse Materials


Artificial intelligence (AI) has grown rapidly in the past few years. While many people are excited about the possibilities of AI, many have concerns. The technology has the ability to perform many human-like functions, such as writing resumes, creating contracts, and writing poetry.

AI also has the capacity to create visual art, and this can be controversial. The problem is the possibility of AI-generated images and videos. These are called deepfakes. Deepfakes manipulate facial appearance through deep generative methods. They are synthetic media that have been digitally manipulated to replace one person’s likeness with another. Deepfake technology is known to be highly convincing. It has garnered widespread attention for its use in creating child sexual abuse material, celebrity pornographic videos, revenge porn, and fake news.

Lawmakers in South Carolina are concerned that AI technology could be used to generate child sexual abuse material. AI is being used to create sex abuse material of children who are already being abused or can alter the likeness of a real child to depict abuse. Lawmakers have filed several bills in the state legislature that would amend the state statute prohibiting child exploitation to include deepfakes.

South Carolina’s child sexual exploitation statute makes it illegal to possess, distribute, or produce child sex abuse material. However, current law does not address AI-generated content, so the newly filed legislation aims to close that loophole. This will allow law enforcement officials to go after people who are exploiting children by using technology to try to get around existing laws.

The bills would also address the creation of fictional children to depict pornography. Even if AI creates a child who does not exist but is engaging in sexually explicit poses, it would still be considered child pornography.

If passed, this legislation would also require anyone convicted under the statute to register as a sex offender. These efforts are part of a larger nationwide call for Congress to examine how AI tools can be used to exploit children.

The bills are currently in the House and Senate judiciary committees, and lawmakers are hoping they will advance soon. They are hoping they will be passed quickly so that children and families who are victims can seek justice.

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Child sexual abuse material can be created in a number of ways. This is especially true with the advent of AI.

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