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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyers > Blog > Premises Liability > Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Bar After Shooting

Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Bar After Shooting


When a person runs a routine errand to the grocery store, attends a concert, or visits with friends at a bar, they don’t expect to die.  However, sometimes crimes and other types of negligence happen, causing a person to to get seriously injured or killed.

Sadly, this recently happened at a bar in Greenville, South Carolina, when a man was killed in a shooting at a bar located on Pendleton Street, on the evening of November 26. The police department arrived at the scene and found a 38-year-old man dead inside the bar with a gunshot wound to his head. Another person was hit by  gunfire but suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

The deceased man’s family filed a lawsuit on February 2, accusing the bar’s owner and others of negligence leading to the man’s death. The lawsuit alleges the bar was negligent after its security failed to protect patrons inside and failed to prevent the shooting from happening.  Reports showed prior incidents of weapon use at the bar in the past.

Two men were arrested a few days after the shooting and charged with murder. The men were identified through CCTV footage and DMV records. Both individuals are being held in the local detention center and are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

What is Negligent Security?

When a property owner or business owner allows guests and customers onto their property, they need to take the appropriate steps to protect the safety and wellbeing of their guests and customers. If an incident  occurs in which a person is injured while on someone else’s property, the owner of the property (or a tenant) could be considered negligent if the harm is determined to be the result of a lack of appropriate security measures.

This could include theft, assault, or other criminal activities that occur due to inadequate security on site.

Examples of negligent security may include the following:

  • Failure to install proper lighting in parking lots or walkways
  • Inadequate surveillance systems or lack of security cameras
  • Failure to properly train security personnel or not having security guards at all
  • Failure to repair broken locks or doors, making it easy for unauthorized individuals to gain access to the premises
  • Neglecting to perform background checks on employees
  • Ignoring previous criminal activity and not taking appropriate steps to prevent future incidents

In cases of negligent security, victims may be able to pursue legal action against the property owner or manager for their damages. However, these cases often require significant investigation in order to prove that the property owner should have known about the risks and failed to address them.

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Negligent security is a serious issue that can lead to serious injuries, crimes, and even death, as seen in this case.

If you or a loved one has been a victim, contact a Columbia premises liability lawyer from Simmons Law Firm. We represent victims throughout South Carolina who have suffered serious injuries as a result of dangerous conditions on someone else’s property.  Because gathering evidence early is often critical to proving negligent security, it is important to contact an experienced and aggressive attorney immediately. Schedule a free consultation with Simmons Law Firm by calling (803) 779-4600 or filling out the online form.



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