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Apartment Complex Sued for Negligence, Security Failures


We all want to live in a safe environment. Nobody wants to worry about getting injured by a stray bullet while sleeping or assaulted while enjoying their backyard.  Sadly, a tenant at an apartment complex in Columbia, South Carolina, was asleep when he awoke to the sound of gunfire. The man realized he had been shot in the arm and, while his injuries were not fatal, he is now suing the owners and managers of the apartment complex. There had been a party at another apartment in the complex earlier in the evening. When deputies arrived, they noticed a hole in the man’s wall as well as a projectile on the floor.

That lawsuit, which alleges negligence and a lack of security, claims owners and management failed to operate the complex in a safe and habitable manner, despite the fact that the complex markets itself as a safe living environment for students, despite evidence of violence and crime on the premises.

The incident happened just months after the man had moved in when a fellow tenant was hosting a large party nearby and he has since moved out of his apartment.

The shooting was not the first time that the complex has seen crime. In the five years before the shooting, there were multiple reports of criminal activity at the complex. The crimes included aggravated assaults,  sexual assault, gunfire, multiple robberies, kidnapping and even murder.

According to the local sheriff’s department, security has been increased, but many tenants say it is not enough. A college student who has lived at the complex for two years said he has seen police there frequently and is not surprised that the complex is facing a lawsuit.

The apartment owners and management are defending the lawsuit and assert that they have always  acted in good faith and any injuries sustained by the tenant are the result of the shooter’s actions.

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Apartment complexes and other businesses need to create a safe environment for tenants and guests. This may involve implementing various safety measures, including hiring security, installing proper lighting, and restricting access during nighttime hours.

Inadequate security can lead to robberies, assaults, or other tragic incidents. A person can be seriously injured or killed by such negligence. Get the legal help you need from a Columbia premises liability lawyer from Simmons Law Firm. To schedule a consultation, call (803) 779-4600 or fill out the online form.



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