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Dealing With Slips and Falls in the Hotel Industry


Slips and falls can happen anywhere, and hotels are no exception. Workers and guests alike can be injured after slipping on water or another substance. Slips and falls are one of the most common types of workplace injuries.

In the hotel industry, it’s hard to prevent these accidents due to a labor shortage. However, keeping guests and workers safe is necessary in order to prevent liability issues. Updated policies, attention to detail, and new technologies can help improve safety and reduce the occurrence of slip and fall accidents.

Still, slips and falls are common and costly. Medical costs and workers’ compensation benefits from slip and fall accidents account for $70 billion in expenses every year. Plus, injuries resulting from these accidents result in the most time away from work.

The risk factors most closely associated with slips and falls in the hospitality industry include:

  • Non-slip-resistant floor surfaces
  • Foreign substances, such as water, ice, and grease
  • Raised or recessed flooring edges/loose carpeting
  • Walking from carpet to hard surfaces
  • Slopes/raises in floor
  • Extension cords/cables
  • Poor lighting
  • Shoe types
  • Falls on stairs
  • Distractions such as loud noises or flashing lights

Data shows that when guests and employees fall, they tend to injure their head. This is scary, as head injuries can lead to a loss of consciousness and these accidents are rarely witnessed by anyone else. Because of this, time is of the essence.

Housekeeping and maintenance workers are the most at risk. When accidents happen, staff alert buttons are a quick and effective way to request help. Alert buttons can provide an instantaneous notification and response in the event of an emergency. They decrease response times and increase the effectiveness of recovery efforts. They can, in some cases, be the difference between life and death for slip and fall victims.

Alert buttons are available in various ways. Some must be used with a mobile app, which could be difficult in the event of a serious injury. Instead, hotel employees would benefit more from wearable alert buttons, such as lanyards or other physical attachments. These buttons are easier to use and can provide protection from harassment or other potential attacks on isolated employees. With one click, the alert instantly calls for help. Some products can also send important information to first responders, such as the location and time of the incident. These capabilities allow hotel workers to feel in control of their own safety while allowing hotel operators access to crucial information.

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Slips and falls are common among hotel workers and guests. When they do occur, it’s important that victims get help as soon as possible.

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