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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyers > Blog > Workplace Accident > Man Crushed, Killed by a Ton of Metal

Man Crushed, Killed by a Ton of Metal


The last place anyone wants to get injured or killed is at work.

The family of a 31-year-old man is dealing with this situation after he was killed by a ton of metal while at work at in Pickens County, South Carolina. The fatal accident occurred on the morning of March 18.

The man died after 2,000 pounds of metal crushed him while at his jobsite in Easley. The devastating accident happened just outside of the facility, but no other details are known. The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case, but it appears to be an accident.

The man’s employer issued a statement offering condolences to the family. The nature of the accident and exact cause of death remains under investigation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is also investigating the incident.

 Causes of Workplace Accidents

 Workplace accidents can happen in a number of ways. Here are some common causes: 

  • Slips, trips, and falls. These can be caused by wet or uneven surfaces, poor lighting, and obstacles in walkways.
  • Falls from heights. Falls from heights are especially common on construction jobsites and are often deadly. Inadequate fall protection systems, improper use of ladders and scaffolding, and lack of training can all be contributing factors.
  • This can occur due to improper lifting and performing repetitive tasks without breaks.
  • Machinery accidents. Inadequate machine guarding, lack of training, and mechanical failures can all be contributing factors.
  • Getting struck by objects. This may include falling objects from shelves or cranes, moving machinery parts, and vehicles or forklifts in the workplace.
  • Electrical hazards. Faulty wiring, exposed electrical components, and improper use of electrical equipment can all cause injuries.
  • Hazardous materials. A worker can be injured by improperly handling chemicals, inadequate training on the handling of hazardous material, and a lack of proper personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Fire and explosions. Fires can and do happen in the workplace. They can be caused by flammable materials not being stored properly, lack of safety equipment and training, and electrical faults.
  • Transportation accidents. It’s possible for workers to get injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents in the workplace. They can be caused by unsafe driving practices, inadequate vehicle maintenance, and deficient safety measures.
  • Workplace violence. Violence in the workplace is a growing area of concern. This may include conflicts between employees, robberies, shootings, sexual assault, and inadequate security measures.

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Unfortunately, a bad day at work can be catastrophic or even deadly. When this happens, workers and their families need the resources to move on.

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