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Preventing Workplace Accidents In The Laundry Industry


Most people don’t think much about the injuries involved in doing laundry. However, any job which requires professional laundry services comes with some risks due to the machinery and processes involved. There are a lot of chemicals involved, and when mixed in with poor maintenance, they can cause a fire.

Many hotels, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities in South Carolina operate laundry services on their premises. When it comes to safety, it’s better to prevent accidents before they happen. Here are some ways in which employers can keep their properties and laundry workers safe.

Clean the Back of the Dryers

Laundry companies should ensure the back of dryers are cleaned thoroughly. This should be done regularly — at least on a monthly basis. The burner tubes and thermistor covers should also be cleaned. It is also important to remove any lint that has accumulated in the dryer, as these issues can start a fire.

Check the Burner Flame

The burner flame should be inspected to ensure that it is receiving the correct fuel-to-air ratio. The mixture is considered to be good if the burner flame is burning blue with the tips of the flames yellow. If the flame is all yellow, then the mixture is too rich, with not enough oxygen.

Avoid Hazards

Just like any industry or work environment, a commercial laundry room can be rife with hazards. Employees may suffer from lifting injuries or slips and falls, which is why they must be provided with proper training and equipment. Cleaning up spills immediately and using “wet floor” signs are good ways to keep employees safe. So is requiring nonslip shoes. The laundry room should also have an eyewash station as well as safety guards and carbon monoxide detectors. Chemicals should also be properly stored and it’s a good idea for employees to wear gloves at all times, even though the threat of COVID has decreased.

Perform Regular Inspections

Laundry facility operators should inspect laundry equipment on a monthly basis to ensure that is the machines are working properly. Employees should be trained on how to properly handle the chemicals in the laundry room as well.

Have Emergency Procedures in Place

Emergency procedures should cover weather events such as fires, floods, and tornadoes. Biannual fire drills can help everyone practice where to go in case of a fire and how to continue service in a safe manner during an emergency. Employees should be reviewing these procedures on a regular basis.

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Workplace accidents can happen anywhere and in any industry. Not many people think about the risks in the hotel and laundry industries, but these dangers exist and can have life-changing consequences.

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