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Top Work-Related Injuries


Employees often assume that their work environments are safe. They think their supervisors and managers will protect them and keep them free of injuries. While this may be true in some cases, the sad truth is that employees cannot always depend on their employers. Companies are always trying to save time and money, and employee safety may not always be a top priority.

Because of this, employees may become overworked, leading to workplace accidents. They could be injured due to a lack of protective equipment. They may be exposed to harmful substances or slippery floors. Here are the top issues to be aware of in the workplace.

Exposure to Harmful Substances 

During the coronavirus pandemic, exposure to harmful substances rose to the top. Healthcare workers and others who work in social and customer-facing settings face the highest risk. While exposure to COVID and other viruses is a common risk, exposure to harmful substances may also include exposure to electricity, noxious fumes, noise, radiation, extreme temperatures, and changes in air and water pressure. It can also include exposure to stressful or traumatic events, such as workplace violence.


Overexertion is another issue that can lead to workplace injuries. Staffing issues are common in many workplaces, so people often work by themselves or with limited support. Because of an employers’ reduction in staffing, workers may  try to do too much at one time in order to “get the job done.” They may lift objects that are too heavy for them, causing injuries to their back, neck, and other parts of their body.

The most common effects of overexertion are non-impact injuries. These result from excessive physical effort, including lifting, carrying, holding, pushing, turning, or throwing. Repetitive motion is another common issue. This is common in offices where workers are constantly typing or performing other data entry tasks, although it can happen in factories and other places where repetitive movements are common.

 Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips and falls can happen anywhere. While they are common in grocery stores and restaurants, they can also happen in offices, medical buildings, warehouses, and other buildings. They are also common in the transportation and warehousing industries. Slips and falls can also happen outdoors on stairs and sidewalks and in parking lots as employees make their way to and from their jobs. Trips are also common and can happen in cluttered areas, such as offices, warehouses, and hallways.

Falls can happen on the same level or on lower levels. Lower-level falls are common in the construction industry and can occur when a worker falls from a collapsing structure, scaffold, ladder, or roof. Sprains and tears are common, although more serious injuries, such as broken bones, head trauma, and traumatic brain injury (“TBI”), can also occur.

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The workplace is not always as safe as people think. Employees can suffer a number of injuries in all work environments.  It is critical that employees immediately report their injuries to a supervisor and consult an attorney to assist them in learning more about their rights.

Workers’ compensation may not be your sole recourse. Contact a Columbia workplace accidents lawyer from Simmons Law Firm to learn more about options. Fill out the online form or call (803) 779-4600 to schedule a free consultation.



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