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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyers > Blog > General > FEMA’s Individuals and Households Program Offers Financial Assistance to Homeowners with Flood Damage

FEMA’s Individuals and Households Program Offers Financial Assistance to Homeowners with Flood Damage

Heavy rainfall and flooding has damaged many homes and vehicles in the Columbia, South Carolina over the last several days. Typically, flood damage is covered by car insurance policies if the policyholders carry comprehensive coverage. However, most homeowners’ policies specifically exclude flood damage unless the policyholder carries flood insurance.

FEMAUndoubtedly, losing one’s home can cause extensive financial damage that is nearly impossible to recover from. For that reason, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has instituted an Individual and Households Program (IHP), which provides direct financial assistance to people who’s homes were damaged or destroyed by flood damage.

The IHP provides assistance for temporary housing, repair, replacement, and other forms of financial assistance if certain prerequisites are met. Recipients must meet the following criteria to be considered eligible:

  • You must have losses in an area that has been declared a disaster by the President of the United States.
  • Your primary residence has been affected, and damages to your primary residence are disaster related.
  • Your primary residence is uninhabitable or inaccessible.
  • The disaster-caused need cannot be met through other forms of disaster assistance or insurance.
  • You have insufficient or no insurance.

If you are eligible for this assistance, you can apply by calling FEMA at 1-800-621-FEMA or by visiting: https://www.fema.gov/what-information-do-i-need-apply

All money provided by FEMA is tax-free and must be spent to rent another place to live, to make the home repairs identified by FEMA, or to replace or repair personal or real property.

Please stay safe during the next few days.  Events like this are a great reminder about how important community is, so make sure to lend a helping hand to your friends and neighbors during this time of crisis.

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