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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyers > Blog > General > Simmons Law Firm Attorneys Unwrap Medicare’s Mysteries

Simmons Law Firm Attorneys Unwrap Medicare’s Mysteries

Resolving legal claims involving Medicare beneficiaries can be challenging, and as the number of Medicare recipients continues to grow, attorneys will face more and more of these claims.

Dealing with carriers under Medicare’s more watchful eye

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In an effort to address many of the issues surrounding Medicare claims, Simmons Law Firm Attorneys John S. Simmons and Derek A. Shoemake recently published an article in Trial magazine, Dealing with carriers under Medicare’s more watchful eye, which discusses the law governing Medicare beneficiaries and the steps attorneys must take in complying with Medicare’s requirements.

As the article highlights, Medicare has just unveiled an electronic portal where attorneys can resolve Medicare issues online. The article gives step-by-step instructions on how to navigate this new electronic portal while also detailing the traditional steps involved in resolving a Medicare claim.

Additionally, insurance carriers have begun invoking many of Medicare’s long-standing regulations and newer reporting requirements as a way to interject themselves into the resolution process – including a demand that the carrier pay and deal with Medicare directly. The article walks through these newer reporting requirements, explains why the insurance carriers are asking too much, and discusses options on how to deal with such carriers.

The article should help attorneys representing Medicare beneficiaries deal with carriers who demand an intrusive role in resolving Medicare claims before having to take those carriers through the process that unnerves insurance companies more than Medicare recovery: trial.

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